The Community Development Fund®

The Community Development Fund® (the “Fund”) is a market-rate bond fund (ticker CDCDX) that invests in high quality fixed income bonds, mainly government agency securities, whose proceeds are designed to positively impact community development throughout the United States. The Fund focuses exclusively on providing Affordable Housing for Low- and Moderate-Income (“LMI”) borrowers and renters, including those in Majority Minority Census Tracts. The Fund is only available to institutional investors, especially banks and thrifts that must comply with the requirements of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”), which requires them to lend to the entire community which they serve, including LMI communities.

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Take control of where your investments are directed.

For our investors, where they invest matters just as much as how much they invest. We target investments geographically, down to a county or even census tract level and focus 100% on LMI borrowers and renters. This enables our investors to make tangible and lasting impacts. All while experiencing risk-adjusted returns.

The Fund at a Glance

The Fund’s investment objectives are to provide current income consistent with the preservation of capital and enable institutional investors subject to CRA regulatory examinations, to claim favorable consideration of their investment.




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