A community’s most important investment.

CDF Advisors invest solely in Affordable Housing, America’s number one credit need. We believe providing access to credit for LMI borrowers and renters is one of the most important tenets of building stronger neighborhoods, including those in communities of color.

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Community Impact

Our High Impact Investments reach the most underserved populations, including "banking deserts", in our investors' communities.

Jose Marti Apartments, Miami, Florida:

  • Miami-Dade County Public Housing and Community Development Project
  • 15 total units for Low- and Very Low-Income renters
  • Low-income Census Tract
  • 98% Minority Census Tract

Representative Single-Family Affordable Home, Kansas City, Missouri:

  • LMI borrower
  • Low-income Census Tract
  • 47% Minority Census Tract
  • Opportunity Zone

Multifamily Apartment, Bronx, New York:

  • 11 total midrise units for Low-Income and Very Low-Income renters
  • Low-income Census Tract
  • 100% Minority Census Tract